Thousands of coffee lovers gathered in Boston last week for Specialty Coffee Expo (SCA), the largest coffee exhibition, and the host of the 2019 World Barista Championship, the most important coffee competition of the year.
Victoria Arduino supported the event with the VA388 Black Eagle, the official coffee machine of the WBC, demonstrating that sharing of knowledge it is the best way to raise awareness of specialty coffee.
We praise the barista, emphasizing his uniqueness, his own style and identity. It is exactly what inspires us in everyday life to create the machine that help to bring out his personality and tell his own coffee experience.
The 2019 WBC finale itself was a great story, presenting the culmination of months of hard training, taste calibration and coffee roasting. All the finalists amazed the audience with pioneering and super exciting routine that in collaboration with the VA388 Black Eagle made an incredible show, but the winner can be only one. Jooyeon Jeon defeated 55 other international barista champions to win the 2019 WBC.
With an outstanding performance showcased through the amazing technology of the VA388 Black Eagle, Jooyeon Jeon won the hearts of the jury and became the second woman in the history ofthe World Barista Championshipto get the title.
Congratulations, Jooyeon! It was an incredible show in which we had the pleasure to take part! You deserved it!