Now it is six roasters turn. They will offer to London Coffee Festival visitors new coffee experiences. They come from Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia and Switzerland and their master baristas are ready to work with Gravitech to enjoy their specialty coffees. We are talking about Double B (Russia), Kofibrand (Poland), Mind the Cup (Greece), Origo (Romania), Röststätte Berlin (Germany) and UCC Coffee Switzerland.
So “Why Every Gram Matters” is returning to the London Coffee Festival; the Victoria Arduino program provides its own stand for all roasters who want to present their specialty coffees, delivered with the support of gravimetric technology.
From April 7 to 10 at booth # G26 the five roasters will present their blend at three different weights, to highlight how a difference of a very few grams between one cup and the next can produce completely different sensory profiles. One blend and three different recipes, but with a constant result.
Something more about Rosteries? Here you go

Double B. We love coffee and follow its way from tiny sprout growing on the plantation to your cup of coffee.

KOFIBRAND (Warsaw, Poland)
Kofi Brand is speciality coffee micro roastery and coffee shop based in Warsaw (Poland). We roast coffees for espresso and filters. Coffees are selected seasonally according to fresh harvests. We also provide trainings and consultancy for both coffee shops and roastries. In 2013-2016 Polish Barista Champions and Polish Brewers Cup Champions have chosen our coffee for competitions. Apart from doing pretty cool stuff we are group of fun and creative people with good sense of humor.

Dreams come true if your passion is strong enough to make them real. That’s the motto of three friends, based in Athens, whose obsession with great coffee brought them together 4 years ago & lead them to a beautiful idea called Mind The Cup. Big smiles, friendly environment and unique scents coming from our micro roaster are the things you will find if you visit our cafe.
We are constantly searching new distinctive dining and flavored experiences in a cup so we are trying to bring to our ‘cuppers’ every time different specialties from small farms that we usually get to visit. A cup of coffee is what motivates us and our goal is to explore what we love most.

Origo is the first coffee shop in Bucharest with its own roaster. We aim to become the hub for coffee lovers, through freshness, quality, taste, and also through professionalism and the desire to educate about coffee. We want to make every coffee shop visit a rich experience, generated by passion for coffee and all that the process of its making and serving involves.
Origo aims to convey to its clients, not only the experience of taste, but also the passion and knowledge of coffee. With enthusiasm, our team provides detailed information to each client, for them to understand better the process of coffee making, from the quantity used, to the optimal time of extraction. Coffee lovers are advised to choose unique brewing methods, to try new taste experiences – Kemex, Syphon Coffee, V60, Cold Brew.

Röststätte Berlin is a roastery and café located in Berlin with focus on high quality from source to the final cup. Founded with the motivation of craftsmanship to bring people a natural and distinctive coffee experience.
Try for yourself!

UCC Coffee Switzerland is a roastery located close to Berne, the capital of Switzerland. People at UCC COFFEE are passionated about coffee – they love and live coffee.
Last year in July they have opened their first Coffee Academy and keep sharing coffee insights on their Facebook page, while their head barista is writing a book about coffee. And now they launch their first Speciality Range with coffees from Columbia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil. All four coffees have two things in common: they have a vibrant and complex acidity and they are all super floral.