The coffee world is about to experience another lovely evening. Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 there will be a new appointment with Barista Jam where baristas will compete in rounds of espresso and cappuccino. The event is at UCC Coffee Academy in Bernstrasse 180 Zollifofen (Switzerland), beginning at 6pm.

Leading the race of twenty-four competitors will be the World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies, one of the greatest experts of the VA388 Black Eagle with T3 technology, official coffee machine of the WBC in Seattle in 2015 and also the machine for this Barista Jam. Each competitor can choose coffee to use.

Victoria Arduino, partner of the event, is giving away a Mythos One on-demand to be awarded to the winner of the competition. This is the most innovative grinder of the moment, capable of delivering ever constant doses, by virtue of the Clima-Pro technology it was the first to use.

The Mythos One on-demand is becoming an indispensable business tool for every barista in search of the highest quality espresso. When used in tandem with the VA388 Black Eagle or other machines equipped with T3, the Mythos Onefits perfectly giving maximum exploitation of the respective technologies.

The two products Victoria Arduino, VA388 Black Eagle and Mythos One on-demand, are well matched also in terms of elegant style and attention to detail. Both have the maximum attention to every ergonomic aspect, making work easier and less tiring for the barista.