The 2009 WBC Champion Gwilym Davies will be at Champions’Hub on May 8-9 to meet National Barista Champions and to talk with them about interesting topics about the competition.
Gwilym gives us his opinion and experience in his talk on the Sensory Scoresheets through the judges eyes. He will explain where to concentrate your effort to maximise your points. Competitors in the WBC prepare 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in 15 minutes. Gwilym Davies suggestions will be useful to push higher baristas performance during their routine.
Gwilym is not giving an official talk, these are his own views and not necessarily the views of the WCE.

About Gwilym Davies
In 20 years as a barista Gwilym has made coffee in 35 different countries and judged in 12 countries, his competing career lasted 3 months when he stopped after winning the World Barista Championship as he found competing too scary. Gwilym has been a judge for the last 5 years and now lives in Prague where he has a barista training centre.

He is still involved with Prufrock Coffee the cafe he helped start in London.