Let’s start to learn more about what Champions’Hub has in store for National Barista Champions. André Eiermann is one of the Champions’Hub speakers and he will show you how to schedule your last four weeks of training.

“The last month prior to the World Barista Championship is the hardest and by far the most stressful time of your entire preparation. – said André – It is crucial to organize yourself and your entire team to maximize your potential for the competition. It is also important to stay calm during this challenging time, as many things can and will go wrong. You cannot avoid these obstacles. Once you are well organized, you will be better prepared to handle the unexpected. This will allow you to fully concentrate on your role as a barista. You will also be more relaxed and therefore you will automatically perform better.”


During this turbulent month it is important to stay focused. Is this correct?

Absolutely. Keep visualizing your vision and your goal. You might be far out of your comfort zone. You might also not only be a barista, but also a logistics and a project manager.


What are the prior points barista has to focus in?

To successfully go through this intense period, the following three points have been essential to me: Firstly you have to perfect your routine including all the equipment, the preparation and the practice time. Secondly you have to organize all the logistics, including your flights to, the accommodation in and the transportation within Amsterdam. Thirdly you have to get mentally prepared for the competition.


What baristas have to do in the beginning of the last month before the competition?

By the beginning of the last month you should latest start working on your routine. Work with your competition table setting and your real competition equipment. Perfect your routine: fine-tune your workflow to finish in 14 minutes 30 seconds. Make sure you have a round concept and that every point in your routine is logically explained. Do not leave any room for questions. Pay attention to every tiny little detail, for example how you fold your cleaning clothes.”


This is only a preview of André Eiermann presentation at Champions’ Hub. André Eiermann has in store many suggestions, tricks for organizing for success at 2018 WBC in Amsterdam.



André Eiermann. What about me:

My coffee journey started as a Junior Coffee Trader at Volcafe in Switzerland back in 1999. Shortly after having joined the coffee business I had been given the opportunity to live and work for Volcafe in Kenya and Tanzania. I spent most of my time in the cupping room and in the dry-mill. It was extraordinary to cup several hundred coffees a day. At the same time I frequently visited coffee farms and wet mills.

Although I had an amazing time in East Africa I decided to leave the coffee industry and to move to London to continue my studies. But quickly after I returned to the coffee industry. I started at Kraft Foods in Switzerland and was in charge of various European markets and several coffee categories, such as whole beans but also for the soluble coffee and the ready-to-drink category. During my last year at Kraft Foods I was responsible to relaunch a Swiss brand including a production transfer from Austria and Germany to Italy.

Currently I am working as a Marketing Director at UCC Coffee in Switzerland. The last five years have been a breathtaking time. Firstly I founded the UCC Coffee Switzerland Academy and became a SCA certified AST. Secondly I launched our own specialty coffee range. For the green buying, I started again to travel to origin, and in addition I became a Q-Grader and started to judge at COE competitions. After having won a local Cup Tasting competition and a barista jam in Munich, it was only a matter of time until I competed in the Swiss Barista Championships. In November 2017 I have finished on 10th place at the World Barista Championship in Seoul.