During Champions’ Hub event we will talk about water together with Ronny Billemon, WQA Master Water Specialist. Focused on the next WBC Ronny will talk about the water quality the Barista can expect on stage and how they can manage their water at their home base.
Within an understandable level he will touch the impact of water on the result in the cup – taste and body development.
Combined with this, how different water management technologies – filtered water results can impact their coffee in their training center.

This is only a preview of Ronny Billemon lecture at Champions’ Hub. Ronny has in store many suggestions and his experience for success at 2018 WBC in Amsterdam.



WQA Master Water Specialist and passionate Professional Barista

Belgian Champion Coffee in good Spirits 2008 – 2012 – 2016

2012 World Barista Coffee in Good Spirits Seoul 3rd place

2013 Coaches team Victor Delpierre CIGS World Champion

2015 Finalist Belgium National Barista Championship

2017 Belgian Brewers Cup 3rd place


SCAE Authorised Trainer

SCAE Barista Professional & Gold Cup Brewmaster Professional