Victoria Arduino is ready to host National Barista Champions in our Champions’ Hub program. This two-days full immersion training focuses on the next WBC.

During the morning of both days speakers (some of the best coffee competition experts) will offer competitors useful tips, suggestions and mistakes to avoid pitfalls during their routine.

There are two sessions each afternoon. The first one is dedicated to “Role playing”. Under the guide of a head judge, competitors will play both barista competitor and judge. Playing both roles helps to understand the different points of view and the critical aspects of each role. This information will be useful in structuring the competition routine. In this session all baristas use a standard coffee to prepare their signature drink, so it will differ from the one they will use in the competition.

The second session is about “Private practice and Coffee Lab Analysis”. Depending on requests each competitor can practice with their own coffee and the official WBC machine. They can also make also some scientific analysis to collect useful information for their future performance.

In this session the barista can interact with Researchers from the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, with speakers and with Victoria Arduino technical staff.

The head judges will not be present to ensure they are not influenced in any way at the WBC.

Any barista interested in getting scientific analysis must notify in advance the type of analysis they would like so the researchers can organise the necessary material.


ABOUT THE CHAMPIONS’ HUB PROGRAM It has been created to give training, research and practice on the competition equipment to National Barista Champions. The purpose is to make competition training more accessible to all participants. The first edition of the Champions’ Hub will in Italy at the Simonelli Group factory on May 8-9. All National Barista Champions are invited to attend.