Would you change your car for a professional coffee machine? Someone who did that has not repented, but found that choice has given a reason to embark on a new life. Today his time is divided happily between his coffee shop in Dublin and increasingly frequent trips around the world. He is called on to demonstrate how to always get the best result in the cup in terms of quality and how to exploit the full potential of technology in the most innovative equipment for espresso and cappuccino.

Let’s talk about Colin Harmon, four times Irish barista champion and four-time finalist at the WBC, where he was fourth three times and third once.
During a roadshow in Australia, Harmon spoke to BeanScene magazine about how he began to devote himself to coffee and why he turned down a job in financial services to become a professional barista. In various meetings, including Sydney and Melbourne, he spoke of giant step forward that the espresso world has made with the Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle, the only machine that incorporates two innovative technologies: T3 and Gravimetric. The first technology acts on the temperature, allowing the barista to set each group independently; the second allows the barista to identify the close relationship between weight and flavour for each blend of coffee and keep the result constant for espresso after espresso.

The Irish champion discovered the differences between an espresso cup with the “right weight” and said that it does not meet the ideal standards. This is a possibility that only Victoria Arduino has to offer with a standard machine that is appreciated for its sober, elegant and innovative style, for ergonomic features, for the reliability and accuracy of the applied technology, as well as for sustainability.

In his Australian roadshow, Colin Harmon matched the VA388 Black Eagle with the equally innovative Mythos One. This first on-demand grinder with Clima Pro technology can intelligently manage the grinding chamber to ensure consistency in doses and so a better quality of espresso extraction. Two products, the VA338 and Mythos One, ideally married in every room to make Victoria Arduino the brand that is the history, and the future, of espresso.