BLACK EAGLE MAVERICK, innovation inspires genius

Perhaps the most startling innovation is that it allows the barista to switch from espresso to Pure Brew coffee at the touch of a button, that’s genius, but only scratching the surface. Putting it another way, if the Black Eagle VA388 changed the way Barista’s work, the Black Eagle Maverick changes the way they think.

To get the Black Eagle Maverick off the page, we had to go right back to basics, at the birthplace of a concept. Inspired by a collision of technological innovation and the maverick’s refusal to conform to accepted practice, Black Eagle’s Maverick has transformed the way we think about making coffee.

We had to come up with new technology. The Black Eagle Maverick couldn’t just be beautiful to look at, with its sleek profile and new Group head display, it needed to be clever within too. When we came up with our T3 Genius and PureBrew technology, the former developed to provide the barista with absolute control over the bean, the latter a revolutionary, extraction method to release the purest flavour from the brew and to offer the Pure Brew Coffee a totally new filtered coffee, we knew we were on to a winner.

In addition to beauty and intelligence, we also wanted our new Black Eagle Maverick creation to be both sustainable and powerful. The Black Eagle Maverick uses 37% less energy than the previous model, for example, yet the wand produces 2.1 bar of dry, high-quality steam. We used fewer, more sustainable materials in the construction of the Black Eagle Maverick and our game-changing creation literally recycles its own energy. That’s got to be better for the planet and better for your business, all for a considerably better cup of perfectly delicious coffee.

“I use a coffee machine as a tool to deliver potential out of the bean. The Black Eagle Maverick offers me the flexibility to bring out the best”
Mikael Jasin: 2019 & 2020 Indonesia Barista Champion.

MYTHOS. The grinding perfection again.

The Mythos grinder has been upgraded and has increased the precision and control of the grinding to enable all baristas, roasteries and chains, that have already appreciated its performance, design and attention to sustainability, to reach a new level of perfection.

In 2013, when it was first launched onto the market, Mythos quickly established itself for its iconic design, high quality standards and waste reduction. Today, Mythos, strengthened by the values of Victoria Arduino, reaffirms itself as the grinder that is able, once again, to reach grinding perfection with significant improvements from the perspective of user experience, grind control and design.

The improvements introduced into the new Mythos all involve user experience and control over the grind, and they inspired the design. The iconic lines of Mythos embrace the integrated touchscreen display in a glass panel. The fans, with a new contemporary design, are both positioned at the rear to allow for perfect airflow inside the machine and to reduce the space on the counter when using several grinders.

With its 4 different versions, Mythos has created a full system of grinding excellence and perfection. All have rigorously the same design and the same iconic lines. The Mythos ecosystem comes in the 75mm (MY75) and 85mm (MY85) versions with the option of integrating gravimetric technology (MYG75 and MYG85).

Today, Mythos defines a world of detail, but with a unique design, and the same passion and strong values shared with the baristas, roasteries and chains throughout the world, to reach grinding perfection once again.

For the launch of Mythos, Victoria Arduino wanted to give a voice to various professionals from around the world who share the same values and the same passion, and who every day are devoted to the spread of quality coffee.  The result is a manifesto in which many different voices express passion for their work, their commitment to respecting people and the environment, attention to detail, use of technology and design to offer constantly improved results. And, lastly, working together to reach a new level of grinding perfection.


Discover MYTHOS:

Victoria Artuino at Caffè Culture Show in London

Re:connect is Victoria Arduino’s new concept for 2021 – a place to meet your favourite coffee roasters and learn about some exciting projects we have been working on.

In a world where we crave contact with others for support, wellbeing and entertainment, the challenging times we face are taking their toll. As a community, we have the power to make positive changes, adjust our mindsets and Re:connect with one another.

We look forward to welcoming you at this years Caffe Culture Show on September 2 and 3. Enjoy delicious coffee brewed on the Eagle One Prima, engage with the next generation of coffee professionals from the Youth Academy, and learn how you can further your education through the Coffee Knowledge Hub.

Be part of this change.

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ADI Design Index 2020. Eagle One on stage at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome.

Following the exhibition at the ADI Design Museum in Milan, Eagle One flew to Rome to the Casa dell’Architettura (Architecture House) – Acquario Romano for a new exhibition showing a significant choice of products selected for the ADI Design Index, the annual review of the best Italian design.

Eagle One by Victoria Arduino has been selected for the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020 recognition. The ADI Design Index 2020 is a special selection, made by the Permanent Observatory of Design, that covers products and product systems in every market, theoretical and critical research and design-related processes or businesses.

The choice of the Roman location is very significant: the “Casa dell’Architettura” (Architecture House) is a new important cultural and exhibition institution, with the objective of promoting the Roman architectural culture and contemporary architecture in general, through national and international exhibitions, awards, conferences, meetings and initiatives.

The ADI Design Index 2020 exhibition will be open until 2 July at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome, Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47.

Eagle One selected for ADI Design Index 2020

Eagle One by Victoria Arduino has been selected for ADI Design Index 2020 recognition. The Industrial Design Association made the announcement yesterday in Milan at the inauguration of the ADI Design Museum.
The ADI Design Index 2020 is a special selection, made by the Permanent Observatory of Design, that covers products and product systems in every market, theoretical and critical research and design-related processes or businesses.



Why was Eagle One selected?

Eagle One is a project that was inspired by the theory of Italian Know-How that finds its roots in the quality design of the masters of the 20th century and that looks to the future. The design of Eagle One presents itself as a fluid blend of technique and aesthetics, conceived right from the start for its attention to sustainability and for its communicative potential.

Coffee machines are not just serving tools, they also carry a real message, whose meaning expands to greater dimensions, that include an expression of the personality of the barista, a story, a life and tendency.

A coffee bar’s ability to make itself unique by creating different tones and by using natural materials like wood or technological materials like steel, resins and aluminium, enables it to express its own personality and vision, also through its choice of coffee machine. Eagle One thus becomes part of a story, a philosophy that changes with its surroundings. For his capacity to transform and create a message, the architect and ambassador of the excellence of Italian creativity in the world, Giulio Cappellini, created a special Eagle One that represents a model of fusion between history and avant-garde with the use of special recycled woods, ecological resins and aluminium.

In Eagle One, Victoria Arduino places the focus not only on technological research and innovation, but also on the pleasure of living and working with a product that perfectly combines aesthetics and function. The result is a complete sensorial experience both for those who work with Eagle One, with its ease of use, and for customers, with its innovative NEO extraction technology.

The design of Eagle One also draws attention to the environmental impact of the product, in terms of energy and financial saving. The new materials employed and the project design have enabled this machine to reduce emissions by 23%, compared to machines in the same category, and, in particular, to make use of excess energy and avoid waste with an additional saving of 8% of the total consumption of the machine.


Black Eagle enters the Forbidden City

Interconnections between design, technology and millennial Chinese culture.

Chinese culture and the consumption of coffee in China are rapidly growing at a rate of 30% a year (read full article). Nowadays in China, coffee-drinking has become commonplace, but its association with a high-value product has not changed and it is supported by ever-more innovative technology.

This is the case for the “Cafè by the Forbidden City”, a coffee shop that opened just over two years ago which is found in a special and inspiring place, the Museum of Shenwu Men Palace (Gate of Divine Prowess) in Beijing. For some months now, the coffee shop has been preparing drinks using a special VA388 Black Eagle in copper in a setting that allows guests to experience and appreciate Chinese culture as part of a visit to the Shenwu Men Palace.

The interior of the café contains a great deal of wooden furniture with floors in grey slate and walls that are decorated in wallpaper showing the Map of Qian Li Jiang Shan (千里 江山 图). The ceiling beams are draped in tapestries inspired by the works in the Palace Museum. The presence of a technological product that adapts to the materials and colours of the atmosphere of the surroundings thus also becomes a message of the evolution of coffee culture in China.

This is how countries and regions, faced with new challenges, with their knowledge and skills, take on a new social, cultural and productive importance, and they become interconnected. In this way, design and technology participate in the interaction between local and global in the name of coffee.


Time Express. A time travelling comic book telling the engaging story of WBC

Have you ever wondered what could happen if a person who lived in 1901 were catapulted by a time machine into the World Barista Championship?

That’s how the story starts of the young inventor Albert in a fun comic book created by Victoria Arduino and produced in collaboration with the cartoonist and author of renowned international publications Giuseppe Camuncoli, who handled the layout and creative direction. Alongside him, the writer Giuseppe Zironi, known for his many Mickey Mouse stories, the designer Lorenzo Zaghi and the colourist Francesco Segala. These are both young authors who have been working in the independent comic strip sector for years.

This comic book, that sets out to celebrate and pay homage to the six years of partnership between Victoria Arduino and WBC, is an explosive mix that features unexpected twists as well as real and science fiction characters. The characters are always driven by the same passion and commitment that people who have participated even in one world competition have come to know: in Seattle, Dublin, Seoul, Boston and then in Amsterdam.

Life is full of choices and Albert, a young inventor who has built a time machine, has chosen his path. To travel in time to discover all the secrets of the official machine of the World Barista Championship.

Download the comic book and travel with Albert into the world of competitions.

Videotutorial: How to clean your E1 Prima and create a recipe

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to coffee experience, from barista’s side and those who enjoy a coffee or cappuccino. In any case, the experience must be memorable.

Victoria Arduino presents two video tutorials to discover how to keep your E1 Prima clean and how it’s easy to create new recipes using the app.

Daily cleaning of E1 PRIMA consists of small simple operations and gestures that increase both performance and quality of the result. In the video “How to clean E1 Prima”, the barista Riccardo Grigoletto explains, step by step, all the operations that a barista or whoever prepares drinks, has to do for the daily cleaning. A clean machine, in fact, contributes to an excellent coffee experience and guarantees your E1 Prima a longer life.

The sharing of knowledge and experiences is an aspect that Victoria Arduino wanted to transfer into a simple app, able to facilitate and make all the operations interactive. From the app (which you can download from Android and iOS devices) you can set recipes created by coffee masters in order to offer a perfect espresso, but you can also create your own recipe. In this video “How to create a recipe with E1 Prima app” Riccardo Grigoletto explains how to do it in few simple steps.

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E1 Prima and the icons of design at Interni Designer’s Week

Living the coffee experience wherever and whenever you want, and in an immersive way to involve all the senses. The opportunity is just around the corner: on April 12-23 E1 Prima goes back to Milan for a new edition of Interni Designer’s Week through a real celebration of the icons of Italian and international design. The installation, titled PRIMA MEETS ICONS, intends to pay homage to and mention some of the most important design icons through a special edition of E1 Prima designed by the architect Alfonso Arosio.


Victoria Arduino’s connection with the world of design is getting stronger and stronger. The special edition of E1 Prima, in fact, is an exaltation of the lines of design icons: the eagle placed on the back of the coffee machine highlights the lines of the most famous design objects such as the chaise longue or armchairs or lamp.  In the minimal texture, the icons are represented in a three-dimensional way and hand-drawn by the architect Arosio.


To accompany the installation Prima Meets Icons, there are also three special E1 Prima designed by Giulio Cappellini with textures and colors that represent the trends of the moment. Many different images for a single idea of ​​glamour.

The design with essential, contemporary, and refined lines of E1 Prima, in fact, brings to an immersive experience that involves all senses from taste to sight, thanks also to the special edition created for the Designer’s Week in Milan.


The installation “Prima meets Icons” will be present at Cafezal Specialty Coffee from 12 to 23 April 2021 and is part of the 2021 Interni Designer’s Week edition, which aims to support the restart and rekindle the creative spirit of Milan.


Simonelli Group strengthens the brand’s presence in partnership with
Suntory Coffee Australia

Simonelli Group strengthens its presence in the Australian market announcing the launch of Victoria Arduino Australia. Established in partnership with Suntory Coffee, this new entity will lead representation of the Victoria Arduino brand across Australia from its flagship site in Melbourne.

The ambition behind this partnership is to enhance the Victoria Arduino popularity and prevalence across the Australian market. Australia is a trendsetting nation, leader of specialty coffee development, and a common point of interest for espresso coffee lovers in Asia and the Middle East. Making it an obvious playground for state-of-the-art equipment and leading coffee brands to be brought together.

Simonelli Group and Suntory Australia, a highly specialised coffee company who already operate as an exclusive distributor for Simonelli, marked the signing off this new and essential agreement for the Australian market, through the opening of its exciting new Victoria Arduino Experience Lab in Melbourne. An achievement which is testament to the strength of the partnership and those directly involved, as it was developed throughout the Melbourne lockdown period. ‘The Experience Lab’ promises to bring coffee equipment closer to the needs of coffee shops and be at the heart of the trends of this everchanging sector.

“During this very circumstantial moment of global, social, and technological transformation, it becomes even more important to be close to the strategic markets. It is crucial to rapidly assimilate the changes and offer solutions to baristas and specialty coffee chains based on advanced technology and our consolidated knowledge of the coffee world, gained through years and years of scientific research and collaboration with the principal coffee communities such as SCA and WBC” – states Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group.

Fabio goes on to say – “This spreading of knowledge will allow every client to brew the best, personalized experience in the cup while optimizing the management costs. There is a need for a new and fresh approach to the market, and together with our historical partners, it can be achieved with the adoption of digital technologies – this will raise the significance and trust between all the stakeholders. These considerations, fully partaken with our well-known partner Suntory, a leader in the coffee industry, whom I publicly thank, have jump-started Victoria Arduino Australia.”

The launch of Victoria Arduino Australia and the new Victoria Arduino lab in Melbourne marks a significant investment in the Australian market bringing the latest global equipment technology directly to the Australian specialty coffee industry. Dean Divehall, CEO Suntory Coffee notes “together with the Simonelli Group we have created a state of art lab in Melbourne where the industry can explore the latest innovations in coffee equipment. After navigating the difficulties of launching a new business and building a new site in the midst of a Melbourne lockdown we’re excited to create a playground for the industry and a platform for the brand and innovation.”