One of the outstanding contributors to the US coffee world and President of The Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Mr. Tracy Allen will be in Berlin on February 8th (starting from 6pm) for a special event at the new VA espresso machines GmbH Showroom & Barista Lab.
Starting at 6pm Mr. Tracy Allen will talk about SCAA / SCAE trends, the new flavor wheel, sensory lexicon, origin country Colombia and CQI activities, incl. Q&A. After that we’ll host a cupping with different microlot coffees (sourced & sponsored by Cafe Imports) from Colombia suitable to Tracy’s talk about the origin country.
If you want to sign up for the event please send us an email or call us directly: Ivo Weller – – +49 (0)30 40501659
Entrance fee can be payed on the evening of the event.

photocredit: THRIVE