It is just one piece, the espresso machine that artisans Victoria Arduino have made for the pavilion of Oman, one of the largest (2,790 square meters) at Expo 2015. The Sultanate of Oman, has had the greatest socio-economic development in the last 40 years (source: United Nations Development Programme). This state that overlooks the Arabian Sea has entrusted Victoria Arduino with the design of a really special espresso machine to represent its values and characteristics.

Both share a long history and an ancient tradition; is perhaps for this reason that fthe encounter between Victoria Arduino and the State of Oman was born a espresso machine of great charm. At the top of the machine, which has a vertical development as the first examples of the early twentieth century, are proposed towers of two imposing fortresses that surround the entrance of the port of Muscat, the capital of Oman. The precious materials and polished brass hammered recall the characteristic color of the Royal Palace Al Alam Palace and make the machine perfectly inserted in the pavilion context of the Sultanate of Oman which has made environmental sustainability the main theme of their presence at ‘ Expo Milan. At the same time the technology that incorporates the coffee machine reflects the great economic development that has experienced the state in recent years.

“When the Commissioner General of the Pavilion HE Mohsin Khamis Al Balushi, asked us to create a special espresso machine, which combines a symbol of Italy, as host nation of the Expo, with the values and historical features and cultural Oman – reminds Nando eighths, CEO of manufacturer – we proudly put to work immediately. Our designers have been able to skillfully blend the various elements for the construction of the machine, to get a truly unique piece of great charm. ”