Live the Pure Brew Experience at Milan Coffee Festival

Live the Pure Brew Experience at Milan Coffee Festival

It is a sensory experience that embraces the world of coffee, tea and food that Victoria Arduino will offer to the guests of the Milan Coffee Festival, scheduled from 12 to 14 November at Superstudio PiĂą in Via Tortona.

Come to visit us at stand M21 !

Victoria Arduino flies Melbourne for the World Barista Championship and MICE

Victoria Arduino flies Melbourne for the World Barista Championship and MICE

Everything is ready in Melbourne for a double event where Victoria Arduino will continue to support all the best baristas in the world with Mythos, the official grinder of the World Barista Championship, and will officially present Black Eagle Maverick to the Australian market, the coffee machine that’s intelligent, sustainable and easy to use

Being a WBC partner enables Victoria Arduino to stay close to the front end of the entire supply chain, to perceive its requirements, and to direct the technological innovation of Simonelli Group to provide the best support for SCA and the whole coffee community. For Simonelli Group this is the beginning of a new chapter in its long partnership with SCA and WCE in which, with Mythos MY75, it will bring all its expertise in the world of grinding once again to raise quality standards and to contribute to the growth and promotion of quality coffee.

From 27 to 30 September the coffee world will be focused on Melbourne for the World Barista Championship and for one of the most important trade fair events in the sector. On that occasion the Victoria Arduino stand #513 will be offering the Pure Brew Coffee experience, a brand-new filter coffee extracted with gravitational pressure from Black Eagle Maverick and which is syrupy and full-bodied. You can follow the Instagram live streaming on Pure Brew Coffee on 27 September at 12 o’clock (local time) from the @victoriaarduinoofficial account.
Every day at 2pm local time, Caleb Cha, 2015 World Latte Champion, will present sessions about how to correctly froth milk using E1 Prima. For those of you who can’t make it to Melbourne, Victoria Arduino has planned an Instagram live streaming from the @victoriaarduinoofficial account of the latte art session with Caleb Cha on 27 September at 2pm (local time).

Enjoy the Pure Brew Tea experience at Caffè Culture Show

Enjoy the Pure Brew Tea experience at Caffè Culture Show

Victoria Arduino is proud to present the Skills Hub at Caffè Culture Show, the event for the café and coffee bar market, due to take place on September 1-2 in London.

At the Victoria Arduino stand, baristas and roasters can experience The Skills Hub, four different coffee stations demonstrating how to improve workflow, increase productivity and achieve operational efficiency.

During the two days at Caffè Culture Show, the Victoria Arduino stand will offer an all-around beverage experience including tea, coffee, milk and plant-based drinks. A Victoria Arduino stand area will present the PureBrewCoffee and grinding experience with Black Eagle Maverick and Mythos. E1 Prima along with Youth Academy students will be the focus of an educational experience. In the sustainability area, visitors can experience new technologies such as NEO and TERS which offer great performance while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. A Victoria Arduino special station will be dedicated to tea using Pure Brew Technology with the collaboration of Kai Ellerbrock, owner of the TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES brand which offers a comprehensive range of quality teas from all around the world. A tale scopo, gli esperti di tè di Teahouse Exclusives hanno lanciato la linea di prodotti Baristateas, i cui tagli e varietà di tè sono stati espressamente sviluppati per questa innovazione tecnologica. Sei delle varietà selezionate sono disponibili nel primo lancio.

Pure Brew Technology is a revolutionary method of espresso extraction and gravity pressure coffee extraction using a Victoria Arduino patented portafilter with a conical double-mesh filter that can create PureBrew, a totally new filtered coffee extraction that is more syrupy and full-bodied. For the first time ever, Victoria Arduino has chosen Caffè Culture Show, to present a preview of Pure Brew applied to tea as new extension of the technology to different types of extraction. PureBrewTea is a revolutionary method of tea extraction from an espresso coffee machine.

Discover Pure Brew Tea

Victoria Arduino R&D engineers made a comparison between PureBrew and the traditional way of pouring tea, in a collaboration with a team of tea experts to test a variety of teas, according to different roasting levels of light, medium and dark recipes.

For the test, they used green tea, oolong tea and black tea in 4 different grades: dust, fannings, broken leaf and whole leaf. During the tests, they used a light recipe as a fixed parameter because it is very similar to traditional tea infusion and represents a good standard practice for understanding different teas.

“We used 4g of tea leaves to produce 300ml of tea. The same quantity of tea that would be the standard in a commercial café environment.” – said Lauro Fioretti, Product Manager at Simonelli Group.

“We found the clarity and taste of the traditional method of pouring tea and PureBrew to be very similar. Each test produced exactly the profiles you would expect from green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. We found there was no cross contamination of coffee flavours on the filter or group head after rinsing under the hot water wand.”

As of September, Victoria Arduino will be member of the European Speciality Tea Association. The new Pure Brew Technology is totally in line with the mission of the European Speciality Tea Association, creating and inspiring excellence in the speciality tea community through innovation, research, education and communication.

See you at Caffè Culture Show on September 1-2 to live the Victoria Arduino experience!



The Gravitech version of Black Eagle Maverick is now available with dedicated software and integrated weighing scales.

Black Eagle Maverick is a coffee machine that’s intelligent, sustainable and easy to use. It offers not only more control but complete dominance over temperature, steam and extraction also thanks to Gravitech, the gravimetric technology that is even more precise and efficient.

The Gravitech version provides a readout of the weight of the espresso coffee or Pure Brew directly on the group display, thus enabling the barista to obtain high levels of consistency and control over the entire extraction process. “With Black Eagle Maverick we’ve introduced two important improvements to the gravimetric technology”, explains Claudio Cingolani, Simonelli Group Chief Engineer. “the drip-tray is weight-sensitive, and it automatically and instantaneously senses one or more changes in weight due to the positioning of the cups or containers. Every recipe based on espresso or Pure Brew therefore has its own ideal setting for the barista to be able to offer the experience in the cup that he/she is looking for. We then introduced a system that measures and controls the flowrate for every type of extraction to guarantee maximum precision and thus the right weight in every cup. With the gravimetric and volumetric sensors, the new algorithm constantly monitors and controls the flowrate. By checking the quantity of water, and taking account of the dropping phase, the algorithm calculates the right moment to stop the flow to obtain the quantity of espresso or Pure Brew as defined in the recipe. The result is matchless consistency and a big reduction of waste”.

This is how we added a further sustainable technological solution to Maverick that, yet again, revolutionises our way of making coffee.

The gravimetric version of Black Eagle Maverick has also now been enhanced with a new design detail that makes it immediately recognisable: the Victoria Arduino logo in red enamel on every group.

Creativity Re-Generation. At Fuorisalone 2022 three designers offer their interpretations of the E1 Prima at Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery

Creativity Re-Generation. At Fuorisalone 2022 three designers offer their interpretations of the E1 Prima at Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery

Creativity Re-Generation. At Fuorisalone 2022 three designers offer their interpretations of the E1 Prima at Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery

From 6 to 13 June, during FuoriSalone 2022, Interni Magazine, Victoria Arduino and Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery present “Creativity Re-Generation”. The project consists of three designers’ creative interpretations of the E1 Prima espresso coffee machine, an efficient and iconic object that is closely linked to the world of design, presented in the prestigious setting of the Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery.

Creativity Re-Generation is part of Interni magazine’s FuoriSalone 2022 which this year offers a unanimous consideration on the sense of design in spaces and objects (read the article dedicated to the project).

Creativity Re-Generation has now become the way to experience and create design. This is material, social and global regeneration which addresses the desire to meet, to exchange ideas and, together, to build a new rebirth – stated Giulio Cappellini, the Ambassador for Italian Excellence in the World.

“What thrills me is creating a link between the new generations of designers and something iconic and so closely connected with the history of design – commented Gilda Bojardi, director of Interni and creator in 1990 of the idea of FuoriSalone. “So, we decided to work on E1 Prima as an item of decor, an input of new creativity involving three designers, Paola Navone, Serena Confalonieri and Sara Ricciardi, who are different in their generation, their creativity, their intuition and in their ways of knowing how to do something extraordinary. This is how we obtained three interpretations of E1 Prima that are different by generation, by experience, by culture and by place of origin”.

Watch the full interview with Gilda Bojardi e Giulio Cappellini.

The designers’ installations will be on display from 6 June at the Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery. Victoria Arduino is a Starbucks partner as its global supplier of traditional coffee machines and grinders for Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery and Starbucks Reserve™.

E1 Prima for Cappellini at FuoriSalone 2022. IBM Studios presents an exhibition of the iconic brand and a sensory journey with E1 Prima and Cafezal

During Design Week, Victoria Arduino E1 Prima will also be present at a double exhibition of the iconic Cappellini brand in the IBM Studios Pavilion in Piazza Gae Aulenti. A captivating experience, a journey into a multifaceted aesthetic universe and a glance into the future that reveals itself as a house on the brink between the material and the non-material.

This space was the brainchild of Giulio Cappellini who, with extreme lightness, clear nuances and a few touches of colour, places the E1 Prima to offer exhibition visitors a sensory journey to discover quality coffees prepared by the speciality coffee roaster Cafezal. In the IBM Studios Pavilion, meeting and lounge spaces have been created featuring some symbolic examples of the Cappellini trademark. They play an important role in the innovation dialogue with virtually presented projects that were a result of the collaboration with the international students of the Master’s in Interior Design and Digital Art Direction at the Marangoni Design Campus.

E1 Prima participates in the XXVII Compasso D’oro

E1 Prima participates in the XXVII Compasso d’Oro Award

E1 Prima  is to take part in the XXVII Compasso d’Oro, the oldest and most authoritative world design award. For the occasion, the international jury, called upon to consider all the candidate products for the coveted award, has been able to see a special version of Eagle One Prima, designed by Giulio Cappellini, the designer and ambassador of Italian creative excellence in the world. The special version has been given the name Black Out, “all black for the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima – states Giulio Cappellini – in alternating gloss and matt finishes that emphasise the rounded, timeless forms of this object.

Prima’s purity of design opens up to highly differing interpretations, ranging from nostalgic to hyper-contemporary, as in the case of Black Out. This is a product that is beautiful both to look at and to use. It’s essential, concise and expressed in a colour that, along with white, has defined and recounted the objects that have made the history of design”.

E1 Prima Black Out and all the candidate design products for the XXVII Compasso d’Oro Award, will be displayed in a special exhibition to be opened at the ADI Design Museum on 20 June and which will run until 11 September 2022.

Founded in 1954, the ADI Compasso d’Oro was the brainchild of Gio Ponti and for many years it was organised by the Rinascente department stores with the purpose of drawing attention to the value and quality of Italian design products, which, at that time, were still in their infancy.  Subsequently, it was donated to the ADI (Industrial Design Association) which, since 1958, has been responsible for the organisation and for ensuring the impartiality and integrity of the event. The Compasso d’Oro is given on the basis of a preselection procedure at the ADI Permanent Design Observatory which consists of a panel of experts, designers, specialised journalists, ADI members or external figures who are all constantly committed, year after year, to gathering information, evaluating and selecting the best products that are then published in the ADI Design Index yearbooks.