Now it is your turn! Have fun finding the right recipe for your blends. Victoria Arduino team and all coffee lovers are happy to enjoy new experiences.

Why Every Gram Matters” is going to the London Coffee Festival. The Victoria Arduino program provides its own stand for all roasters who want to present their specialty coffees, delivered with the support of gravimetric technology.
From April 7 to 10 at booth # G26 five roasters will present their blends at three different weights in the cup, to highlight how a difference of a very few grams between one cup and the next one can produce completely different sensory profiles.

Let’s start today to savor the experience that we will enjoy at the London Coffee Festival with NOVUM ESPRESSO BLEND sheet, created by Röststätte Berlin.
Novum is a delicious sweet espresso with balanced and fruity acidity of blackcurrant and flavors of wild berries and plain chocolate. Novum is Röststätte Berlin most popular espresso composed by Ivo Weller to combine the sweetness of chocolate and marzipan with a decent fruity acidity and notes of dark berries. This years cup comes with taste of plain and milky chocolate followed by sweet florals, marzipan and notes of blackcurrant flavors balanced by a fruity acidity of wild berries.

Röststätte Berlin is a roastery and café located in Berlin with focus on high quality from source to the final cup. Founded with the motivation of craftsmanship to bring people a natural and distinctive coffee experience.