You can’t image the importance of 20 seconds in a coffee shop!  “For the 20 seconds it would take for each espresso shot we could work together and build relationships with our customers otherwise  we could check the brewing. Here at Sarutahiko Coffee we decide working with Gravitech because 20 seconds are very precious to us!” This is the story of Tomoyuki Otsuka, the owner of Sarutahiko Coffee in Tokyo Japan.

Hospitality is one of the Sarutahiko Coffee drivers and they are focus on quality and on communication with the customers. The VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech helped them to enhance customer service: they are focus on relationship with customer while VA388 Black Eagle grant consistency and quality in the cup. “The eye contact with the customer it allows is a great way to show our appreciation to them” said Tomoyuki.

Enjoy this video!

Special thanks to Toei Kogyo.