Today we will land to Viggo’s, a Scandinavian inspired coffee bar located on a funky square in Antwerpen-Noord, Belgium.
The owner Tim is a wonder, bit of a scientist you would like to have as a friend. When he decided to work with a VA388 Black Eagle with Gravitech technology, he organized a “Latte Art Throwdown” to launch his new baby. He wanted to share with other baristas, roasters and customers his new machine with a battle in which groups of two people have to make the most beautiful latte art. “They were all very enthusiastic about the machine.” Said Tim.
“We’ve chosen the Black Eagle Gravitech – Tim tells – because of its possibilities. Our previous machine had certain limits regarding its possibilities and we wanted to have more control over the coffee machine. We discovered our new machine on an exhibition and I was completely sold. We’re really happy about it”.

Special thanks to Laurent Lefevre and CDS Automaten.