Today we keep telling you the stories lived by the lucky baristas owning a VA388 Black Eagle with Gravitech technology. Our journey takes us in Hong Kong, the most vertical city in the world with countless skyscrapers and unique skyline. In this city that is reowned for its thriving financial sector and has a teeming nightlife, it is possible to experience a state-of-the-art espresso at N1 Coffee & Co by Barista Academy. With a consistency rate that “is around 98-100%”, every espresso is a masterpiece and the customer can enjoy it every time tasting the same experience of the perfect brew ratio.
El is the barista that explains the benefits of woring with the gravimetric technology: “The consistency of this espresso machine is the same, day after day, cup after cup: and we serve 3-400 cups of coffee daily”. This is an important accopmlishment because “even a single gram of water influences the taste of the espresso in the cup”.

Special thanks to Hiang Kie Coffee Group.