Thursday, May 28 at 6 pm in Café Lomi Paris (3b rue Marcadet) is the first leg of a world tour to raise awareness of the great potential of gravimetric technology, the innovative extraction system applied for the first time in the modern VA388 Black Eagle, the coffee machine destined to write new pages in the future of espresso and cappuccino.

The event is open to baristas and roasters and takes place less than two months after Gravimetric Day in Seattle, which saw the worldwide launch of the new Victoria Arduino machine, which is now the top of the range of this historic brand.

Event special guests will be the 2009 WBC champion, Gwilym Davies. He was one of the first users of the VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech that will show the benefits of this innovative technology together with 2015WBC finalist Charlotte Malaval.

Gravitech has been developed for the specialty sector, which particularly needs control and consistency. The result is favoured by the whole coffee sector, as gravimetric also meets another important emerging need: sustainability. It’s a big and positive change for every coffee shop. With the gravimetric system, you can have real coffee recipes, the barista works more quietly since he has real control of the amount of liquid in the cup of coffee and therefore there is less waste. In addition, the customer is happy and does not have to wait several minutes for an espresso.

Victoria Ardunio, having written more than a century of coffee machine history, with the VA388 Black Eagle gravimetric is now continuing espresso history.