It’s been 110 years since the founding of Victoria Arduino. In all this time technologies have evolved, styles refined and many machine models introduced, but in 2015, as back in 1905 with one hundred and ten years gone by, the underlying philosophy has not changed: build and offer baristas around the world the best coffee machine possible at the time, for design and advanced technology. Machines that, while building on the past, always project into the future of espresso and cappuccino. As with the wall machine with 24 groups installed in an Italian bar in the thirties of the last century. You can see it in the photo archive here. The photo shows how tradition and innovativeness have always lived in harmony with this brand.

For this Victoria Arduino has traced the history of coffee machines and has become a global icon of Made in Italy, continuing, more vitally than ever, to give an irreplaceable contribution to the spread of coffee culture. This is demonstrated by two emblematic episodes in the middle of the 110th anniversary: the debut of Victoria Arduino as the official coffee machine for the World Barista Championship 2015 in Seattle and the global launch of the most advanced professional coffee machine on the market today, the VA 388 Black Eagle with gravimetric technology.
Beyond fashion, all Victoria Arduino machines retain their appeal and their functionality over time. As do the new models, the result of evolution in styles and technologies, without depriving previous machine models now considered historical, of their value. Indeed, drawing lifeblood from them, enhancing their charm and value.

All this is about the founder, Pier Teresio Arduino, to whom the Theresia model was recently dedicated, an innovative machine design (by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas) with innovative technology (T3). A machine designed for true connoisseurs of coffee, that Pier Teresio – if he were still alive – would feel fully meets his objectives: to produce an espresso machine without compromising quality, materials and performance.

The scrupulous attention of Pier Teresio Arduino to every technical aspect, registering several patents over the years, as well as his meticulous accuracy for design and every detail, have been rigorously maintained by those who continue his work. The entire collection of Victoria Arduino coffee machines of the last 110 years has two threads running through model after model and uniting them in a single strong identity: the excellence of operational performance and a design which transcends space and time. Whether it is a traditional machine, or the characteristic lever extraction system, or the revolutionary VA388 Gravimentric, all are characterized by the values inherent in the history of the brand, symbolized by the winged eagle that continues to be chosen and loved by baristas all over the world.