There, where eastern and western civilizations have always had a meeting place, drinking coffee is a tradition and also a way to continue and strengthen friendships. The place is Istanbul, where centuries of civilizations overlap, from Byzantine, Latin and then Ottoman, this has made the city a world capital of culture. It was Istanbul in the fifteenth century that became the first major city to be affected by the extension of coffee knowledge throughout the Middle East. Here the drink was consumed in the meeting places of the time, similar to taverns where locals and strangers would sit and enjoy it in company. “Turkish coffee” has become proverbial, and precisely for this great and historic tradition the Istanbul Coffee Festival, scheduled for October 6 to 9, takes on a special form and atmosphere.

Victoria Arduino, a symbol of the history and tradition of espresso coffee, could not miss this. After the recent event at the Istanbul Coffee Academy, promoted in the city on the Bosphorus by Victoria Arduino – which attracted a broad audience of operators from across the breadth of the Middle East – the style, the refined design and the high technology of Victoria Arduino espresso machines will be on display at the exhibition, in KüçükÇiftlik Park (downtown).

Victoria Arduino will have on show in Istanbul the whole current production line beginning with its flagship, the VA388 Black Eagle, now the official coffee machine of the barista World Championship. There will also be the Gravitech version, incorporating gravimetric technology where the barista, having determined the brew ratio, that is, the correct percentage ratio between the weight in grams of the individual ground coffee and the liquid in the cup, gets deliveries of the highest precision. The gravimetric processor used in the VA388 Black Eagle has an accuracy that can evaluate a single drop of coffee falling into the cup, also the final part for the so-called ‘dragging effect’. Rounding out the equipment on display, there will also be the Mythos One on-demand grinder with Clima Pro Technology, which guarantees, always instantly, the right dose of freshly ground coffee.
With such experience and knowledge of the field, Victoria Arduino will once again be an ambassador for espresso, the spread of which continues to increase worldwide.