How many times you’d like to be in the stages of  world barista or roasting championships? Now Victoria Arduino offer you the possibility to meet the champions, to listen their experiences and to share usefulful information for your business.

So save the date (February 18 at 7pm) and meet Maxwell Colonna Dashwood and Rubens Gardelli at Double B Coffee&Tea, located in Dubai City Walk.

About MAXWELL COLONNA DASHWOOD, 2015 UK Barista Champion
Specialty coffee became Maxwell’s passion after spending time in Melbourne Australia. After returning to the UK, Maxwell set up a coffee company with his wife, Lesley. After years touring the festival and events circuit, Maxwell opened the award-winning coffee shop, Colonna & Smalls. Colonna has since grown into a diverse wholesale and retail business. Maxwell has won the UK Barista title three times and authored two books about specialty coffee – The Coffee Dictionary and Water for Coffee with MIT chemist, Christopher H Hendon.

Rubens Gardelli, founder and owner of Gardelli Specialty Coffees, is a coffee passionate and student who run his business moved by his strong will to become the best roaster in the world, challenging the status quo and mindset present in the coffee industry.
Rubens is the 4-times-in-a-row the Italy coffee roasting champion and recently becoe the world coffee roasting champion, two times Italy brewers cup champion in 2014 achieved the 2nd place at the World brewers cup on his very first world competition.
His Mzungu Project is the achieved goal of his vision: working with underdog farmers in a underdog country to directly improve their livelihodd in exchange of amazing coffee!