Each coffee requires a different ‘brew ratio’, that is a different percentage ratio of the weight of ground coffee and the liquid in the cup. Moreover, this ‘brew ratio’ may also vary depending on customisation by the barista, whose work is now made easier with innovative Gravimetric technology pioneered by Victoria Arduino. The Gravimetric processor in the VA388 Black Eagle machine has an accuracy that can evaluate even a single drop of coffee that goes into the cup (even in the final stage of dispensing, the ‘dragging effect’). The processor also interfaces with the electronic controls and with devices which regulate the water sent to each dispensing unit. In this way the Gravimetric system correctly determines the dose, without interference from external factors such as, for example, vibration, temperature, amount of crema the tamping pressure or the density of the coffee.

At The World of Coffee in Dublin (23-25 June 2016) the ‘Coffee Guest’ Victoria Arduino aims to demonstrate how important it is for quality that espresso is always extracted to have the proper weight of beverage in the cup.

Thanks to the collaboration of roasters from various countries, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in ‘Why Every Gram Matters’. Stand H21, at a space set up with a  bar, a VA388 Black Eagle machine and an on-demand Mythos One coffee grinder with many roasters. Johan & Nystrom (Sweden), Maruyama Coffee (Japan), Honey Coffee (Japan), Outman Coffee (China), The Cupping Room (China), CoffeeZone (Poland), CoffeePlanet (Dubai), Bell Lane Coffee (Ireland) and UCC Switzerland  will offer samples of their coffee extracted with different weights set on three different machine groups, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Gravimetric technology. Visitors can see just how the appropriate weight for that particular type of coffee can offer all its aromas to full advantage.

Gravimetric technology has opened a new window for the coffee world. This system of making espresso allows the barista to work more peacefully, always being able to have real control of the amount of liquid in the cup. Also premises using a Gravimetric technology machine have less coffee waste and the customer is always satisfied.

VA388 Black Eagle is the only coffee machine marketed in the world today with Gravimetric technology.

To instantly prepare doses, next to the VA388 roaster baristas in the Victoria Arduino exhibition space in Dublin will have the Mythos One on-demand. The two compatible machines are integrated in a master plan that enhances their respective technologies. The exact weight in the cup guaranteed by Gravimetric technology is allied with the coffee grinder’s ability to deliver more and constant doses, by virtue of Clima Pro technology.

For more than a century Victoria Arduino has writen the history of coffee machines, always anticipating the future.