The VA358 White Eagle is now avalaible with a new colour configuration, offering all the precision and stability known from T3 Technology, but full colour painted. This is one the news of 2018. Baristas can choose among three different VA358 White Eagle colour configurations (standard) both the side and back panels: chrome, matt black or white.

This machine is dedicated to mainstream specialty coffee. It’s consistent, reliable and efficient. Thanks to the T3 technology VA358 White Eagle allows the barista to set the exact required group boiler and group head temperatures.
Steam wands (cool touch) thermal insulation guarantees the safety of the barista and allows easier cleaning and greater hygiene, keeping the cup tasting excellent.
The VA358 talks to the barista and shares all the information provided by the T3 system. TFT display thus gives the barista all the data in real time, allowing him to offer customers the best espresso.