The future of the coffee machine comes from experience and tradition too. Victoria Arduino is a brand that since the beginning of the twentieth century has continued to make history for coffee machines. It is celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the WAT series, presenting the debut of a new model that combines the modern style and innovative technology in its latest product, the VA358 White Eagle, with the traditional lever infusion system introduced in 1946 in its first horizontal machines.

From this has come the VA358 White Eagle Leva, a machine that offers baristas the possibility of using advanced technology, without giving up the opportunity to express all their skills and knowledge in the art of making espresso.
After seventy years with Unovat, Supervat and Watt models with four groups, now coffee icons, and after ten successful years with Athena Leva machines, with its hand hammered casing, Victoria Arduino creates another valuable cultural machine in the history of espresso. The VA358 White Eagle Leva combines value of the skilful hands of expert baristas with technological innovations and a ‘cult’ ritual of making coffee with an aesthetic that has already evolved and is appreciated in the latest machines from Victoria Arduino.

Unlike the standard lever system, the VA358 White Eagle Leva (produced in versions with 2 and 3-groups), has heat exchangers that allow the water temperature and, therefore, the quality of the extracted coffee to be controlled and optimised.
Combining the charm of a classic system, and a little ‘retro to make espresso with modern style, the Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle Leva becomes the focal point of any room where you want to create a real taste of coffee.