When you combine tradition and experience with breathtaking innovation, the result is high technology and high reliability. Witness VA388 Black Eagle, the latest espresso machines from the historic Victoria Arduino brand. VA388 Black Eagle combines high value materials and the accuracy of details guaranteed by craftsmanship, with the most innovative technologies that are opening up new frontiers for the whole world of coffee. In VA388 Black Eagle, for the first time in an espresso coffee machine, are both “T3” and “Gravimetric” technologies. The first ensures thermal stability, the second always provides the right amount of coffee in the cup. The combination of these two technologies means the barista can ensure a consistently excellent espresso, personalized by enhancing the features and aromas of each type of coffee. VA388 Black Eagle celebrates the function of design. Recalling the tradition of Victoria Arduino, the innovative and wellfinished lines of VA388 Black Eagle enhance the beauty of a machine for every setting, suitable for every location. After making the history of espresso in the 20th century, in the 21st century Victoria Arduino is designing the future. The new Victoria Arduino, is a sustainable machine, despite offering the highest level of performance, it manages to do this with an eye to saving energy.

GRAVIMETRIC TECHNOLOGY. Gravimetric technology was developed by the Nuova Simonelli team after several years of research. With it the barista has absolute control of the output parameters. In particular, Gravimetric technology attains the goal of an exact amount of coffee extracted. To enable this precision a highly accurate electronic scale is incorporated in the machine. The scale communicates with the electronic control unit that stops the supply of extracted coffee when it reaches the exact amount desired. With Gravimetric technology the weight of the extracted liquid is measured directly with the cup. The data is therefore much more accurate and most especially it is not affected by other factors, such as the shape of the filter, the pressure on the coffee, the condition of the showerscreens or anything else. The barista always has full control of each measure, the amount in the cup is always pre-planned and there is no difference between one sprayhead and another. “For me – says James Hoffmann, 2007 WBC Champion and part of VA388 technical and design team – the VA388 is the ideal machine to control the weight of liquid in the cup to get the right consistency of espresso and ensure maximum flavour in the cup.” “Gravimetric Technology” offers precision worthy of the best baristas, who can then identify the optimal extraction conditions for every type of coffee. The first espresso machine to apply this particularly advanced and innovative technology that allows you to reach a new milestone for excellence in the cup, is the newest Victoria Arduino, the VA388 Black Eagle.

T3 TECHNOLOGY Revolutionizing the world of espresso, T3 technology has broken down the seemingly insurmountable wall of temperature stability in espresso coffee machines. T3 means three-dimensional temperature which provides baristas with guaranteed results in the cup that are always excellent and personalized. The system is highly evolved. With absolute flexibility and accuracy the barista can independently set on each group three different temperature parameters, steam, water infusion and delivery group. Extreme precision is accompanied by the guarantee of excellent extractions. Electronics does the rest. In each dispensing group three different digital probes for pressure and temperature instantly send information to the control unit which, through 1+2 independent PID (for each group), actively manages each variable. The result is immediate unmatched precision, control and accuracy, regardless of the coffee machine’s workload, or the environmental conditions in which the barista is working. The advantages of T3 respond to new trends in the market where professional baristas often use different blends, depending on the demands and needs of their customers. So it is important to associate certain temperature parameters with each coffee blend.

BARISTA PROFILE. Baristas can interact with the customers thanks to the machine’s new low profile. Operation has been simplified with just three buttons (short, long and manual) above the group head. All the component materials are pure including copper, stainless steel and aluminium to ensure absolute temperature efficiency and mechanical durability. “We wanted to move away from a masculine design and towards one with more curves and lines.” says James Hoffmann. Baristas have full control of the machine thanks to a TFT display with rotary switch menu management. Baristas can set and monitor the weight of liquid in the cup, shot time, brewing temperature, group temperature, boiler pressure, additional pre-infusion and energy saving. The group display means the barista can control the weight of extracted liquid and the shot time. The “Cool Touch” steam lever is thermally insulated to be safe for the barista and easy to clean. The Push&Pull lever system lets the barista work in total safety.