Boston is a city with a very American character, but at the same time with European charm and elegance.

The city center, with its narrow streets and compact squares, resembles those of cozy England or historical Europe. Wandering around, one will find a cluster of amazing buildings, dearest to the heart of every American, such as the City Hall, Park street Church and Massachusetts State House.

One particular feature unifies the architecture. Just by looking at the facades, one realizes that they are all assembled from red brick, the material creating such a magical atmosphere, recalling the revolution and transformation, the nation pride and honor.

Red brick, is what brings integrity to the city, making it unique and establishing its distinctive identity. Undoubtedly, there is no other city, passing his energy to its visitors in such a way, encouraging them to future inventions and achievements that change their life. That is exactly what we wish to all participants of the World Barista Championship.