The relation between quantity and taste, between the weight of a substance and its flavor, has been studied in the past in the science and food technology, but with regard to the coffee, in particular espresso coffee, the study – favored by the research from Victoria Arduino – is quite recent. The research discovered a new frontier in this fascinating world of espresso. Victoria Arduino knew how to optimize the result by transferring it into technology that is available to all baristas who want consistent perfection in the cup and full satisfaction for their customers.

Host Milan (23-27 October 2015), as well as introducing other important news, Victoria Arduino (PAD. 15 – B40-48 / C39-47) is waiting for you to live a new experience linked to the close relationship in espresso between weight and taste and to personally try gravimetric technology applied to coffee in the VA388 Black Eagle – the first to incorporate two innovative technologies (T3 and Gravimetric). This espresso machine has opened the door to always achieving excellence.