It was a hot afternoon in mid-July when we sat around a table with Colin Harmon and James Hoffmann to discuss Gravitech technology. That meeting promised to last for hours but no, it was not to be, because brain storming together led to a summary in less than forty-five minutes. The result? Why every gram matters.

You may have read this phrase that we put on the board in the corridor next to our booth at Host 2015. From this came the idea to communicate that each gram of coffee is important to the success of a coffee shop. To explain better: specialty baristas work with specialty products, which draw different roasting profiles on the basis of the coffee itself. However that profile can be spoiled by the grinder or by the coffee machine. What to do then?

From our studies and our research in collaboration with the best world baristas we have developed technologies that can eliminate problems from keeping the coffee in the grinder for too long and roasting the coffee again during grinding (clima pro). With Gravitech, instead, we give extreme accuracy of dosing in the cup to maximize the roasting profile for a particular blend or single origin.

A tray and three coloured cups. This is our endowment to Host2015: a single origin and three cups with three different weights (32, 36 and 40 grams of coffee in the cup, extracted from three groups). These help us further understand the mistakes that can happen in a coffee shop, but above all how to solve them! In the tests we presented at the fair, each dose differed by only two seconds of extraction and 4 grams of liquid. An extremely short time that, in a business is not significantly different, while in reality this produces three completely different sensory profiles. With Gravitech, however, having total control of the result in the cup, you are sure to offer the same profile and the same sensory experience to customers. Simple right? This is the reason why every gram of liquid in the cup is so important. Let’s try….