Are you ready for a new fantastic coffee experience at World of Coffe in Budapest? Our stand F24 (hall G) will host roasters and microroasters offering new blends from different countries.

UCC Switzerland, One Eleven Concept Roaster,La Boheme Cafè, Kofibrand, Taylor st. Barista and RebelBean will offer samples of their specialty coffee extracted with three different weights set on three different machine groups, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Gravimetric technology. Thanks to “Why Every Gram matters” contest, visitors can see and taste just how the appropriate weight for that particular type of coffee can offer all its aromas to full advantage.

Kofi Brand is speciality coffee micro roastery and coffee shop based in Warsaw (Poland). We roast coffees for espresso and filters. Coffees are selected seasonally according to fresh harvests and fully traceable. We also provide trainings and consultancy for coffee shops, roasteries and barista champions. In 2013-2017 Polish Barista Champions and Polish Brewers Cup Champions have chosen our coffees for competitions both: national and world. Apart from doing pretty cool stuff we are group of fun and creative people with good sense of humor. Come and cup with us!


La Boheme Cafe represents a group of coffee experts and coffee farmers from around the world who dedicate their lives to produce for you the highest quality and most unique coffees from the far reaches of the globe.
Led by Charles Fleer a “coffee revolutionist” dedicated to improving the coffee industry, its politics, quality, transparency and sustainability.
For La Boheme, it’s the balance of quality, sustainability and environmental consciousness that is our criteria.
We spend more than 4 months of the year traveling between Africa and the Americas judging farmer level competitions, making direct trade relationships and educating the farmers on what’s expected to produce the quality of coffees we represent to our customers.


When his little baby boy was born, Attila Molnár four times national barista champion decided to follow his heart and move with his family to the countyside, and realize a long time cherished plan about an own specialty roastery.
Attila is addicted to coffee since 10 years. His life turned when he’s got into the WBC finals in 2009, in Atlanta. Since then he gained experience in several roles around coffee. Nowdays he is owner of the Tamp and Pull Espresso Bars, one of the first and most recognized specialty coffee shops in Hungary, and he is working together with well known brands around the world.
One Eleven is not only a speciality roastery, the purpose is to deliver a unique concept, guided by the unity of creative knowledge and honest professional confession.


Rebelbean is specialty coffee roastery based in Brno, Czech republic. We´re small operation, established in 2013. Started as a garage project, now growing into a serious business.
Although coffee is our main domain, we like to experiment with cascara and coffee blossoms also. We have raw energy bars in our portfolio and soon we will have beers.
We operate one café (with barber shop and tattoo studio). We are on the road a lot. Doing caterings, where specialty coffee has never been before.
We have our brand ambassadors. Sportsmen, photographers, designers. Coffee is part of our lifestyle and something we all have in common. Rebelbean is here to provide the energy for those, who are not afraid to live their lives by their own rules. For people who are not a crowd followers, but they are Rebels with cause, just like us.


Taylor St Baristas: Beautiful coffees roasted by a crack team of coffee pros. We offer quality, consistency and friendly professional service with a dollop of vegemite. We have a world class barista training academy to get your baristas up to speed. Come and see us pull a few shots to highlight the versatility of coffee expressed through the Black Eagle.

UCC COFFEE Switzerland is a roastery located close to Berne, in the heart of Switzerland. People at UCC COFFEE are passionate about coffee – they love and live coffee. They enjoy creating magical moments with this amazing beverage.
Two years ago they have opened their first coffee academy and keep sharing coffee insights during their courses and on their Facebook page. Last year they have launched their first speciality coffee range, that is now celebrating its first anniversary. In Budapest they are serving a delicious coffee from Rwanda: honey sweet, bright acidity and mouthwatering finish.