Are you ready for a new fantastic coffee experience at World of Coffe in Amsterdam? Our stand D26 C31 will host roasters and microroasters offering new blends from different countries.

BeanZ Cafè, La Bohème, Finca Sant’Elena, Mocca d’Or, OrigoQuestion Coffee, Röststätte Berlin, Seven Fortunes, S.O.E Coffee and Square Mile Coffeee Roasters  will offer samples of their specialty coffee extracted with three different weights set on three different machine groups, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Gravimetric technology. Thanks to “Why Every Gram matters” contest, visitors can see and taste just how the appropriate weight for that particular type of coffee can offer all its aromas to full advantage.

BeanZ Café dares you to experience coffee direct from unique farmers around the world. We believe this is the way to discover new types of coffee, explore tastes & preferences and connect to the fabulous world of coffee.

La Boheme Cafe represents a group of coffee experts and coffee farmers from around the world who dedicate their lives to produce for you the highest quality and most unique coffees from the far reaches of the globe. Led by Charles Fleer a “coffee revolutionist” dedicated to improving the coffee industry, its politics, quality, transparency and sustainability. For La Boheme, it’s the balance of quality, sustainability and environmental consciousness that is our criteria. We spend more than 4 months of the year traveling between Africa and the Americas judging farmer level competitions, making direct trade relationships and educating the farmers on what’s expected to produce the quality of coffees we represent to our customers.

Finca Santa Elena is coffee State Farm, owned by the Guerra Chinchilla family for over two decades. It has very traditional roots that go over a century, and currently its the second largest farm in Central America that uses drip irrigation, 40 hectares use this system, out of the 220 hectares divided its coffees mainly by cup profiles, varieties, altitude, processes and drying methods. All created to stimulate and maximize the beans top qualities. Research and production go hand by hand with the traditional methods of milling and storage, using the ancient way of leveling coffee bean oils by resting, once dried, in yellow oak boxes, yo increase flavors and maximize shelf life. Plaza Café is the brand franchise, that owns the company across ten coffee shops distributed in the country most populated cities.

Mocca d’Or – coffeeroasters since 1930, is a premium coffee brand and supplies coffee, related products and machines of Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino to top quality catering businesses and espressobars. Mocca d’Or is one of the top 5 brands within the coffee branch in The Netherlands. Together with Victoria Arduino, Mocca d’Or strives to get the best out of the Barista when it comes to preparing the very best espresso (based) coffees! Furthermore, Mocca d’Or is partner and sponsor for the Specialty Coffee Association.

Origo is the first coffee shop in Bucharest with its own roaster. We aim to become the hub for coffee lovers, through freshness, quality, taste, and also through professionalism and the desire to educate about coffee. We want to make every coffee shop visit a rich experience, generated by passion for coffee and all that the process of its making and serving involves. Origo aims to convey to its clients, not only the experience of taste, but also the passion and knowledge of coffee. With enthusiasm, our team provides detailed information to each client, for them to understand better the process of coffee making, from the quantity used, to the optimal time of extraction. Coffee lovers are advised to choose unique brewing methods, to try new taste experiences – Kemex, Syphon Coffee, V60, Cold Brew.

We source exceptional coffees from farmers throughout Rwanda, honoring their to dedication quality by teaching expert roasting and brewing techniques. By working with farmers and baristas in-country, we’re able to have unparalleled insight into their farming practices and livelihoods, and use this proximity to the source to elevate our coffee quality and sustainability impact. All proceeds from Question Coffee are used to fund on-going farmer and barista training.

Röststätte Berlin is an award-winning specialty coffee roaster in Germany. Founded by Yvonne and Ivo Weller with focus on high quality coffee from source to the cup. All coffees are specialty graded 100% arabica varieties, roasted by hand in the family owned and Berlin based roastery to highlight the natural distinctive flavor of the beans in respect to the work invested by the farmers in production the coffees with maximum care. Röststätte won several awards like the German Barista Championships 2018.

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters is a Dubai based coffee roaster & SCA Training Centre with emphasis on new barista and roaster trends in the specialty coffee world. Founded in 2015 among the city of dreams, Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters shares with the world constant improvements & the finest roasts. Managed by young ambitious entrepreneurs, this company has seen enthusiastic growth over the years, boasting 60 Tons of 87+ coffees annually. The roasters they use are an S15 Falcon Loring, and 12 Kilo Diedrich.

S.O.E COFFEE (Square Of Eight Coffee), located in Beijing China, was founded in 2005 and is one of the first specialty coffee shop and roastery in China. The barista team of WBC China champion is at the core of S.O.E. The coffee shop uses the coffee machine designated by WBC and top-level grinders. The main beverages consist of espresso traditions and filter coffee, and there are also selections of specialty drinks and craft beers. The interior design are characterized by brightness and simplicity. The semi-open bar allows customers to easily communicate with the baristas.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi-award winning coffee roasting company based in East London. We are focused on wholesaling our coffee and to supply and support businesses that wish to serve the best coffee they can. We source, buy, import, roast and deliver the best coffee we can get a hold of, and we never stop asking ourselves how we can make it even better.